Featured Objects

Featured objects from the George R. Kravis collection, including pieces by Josef Hartwig, Wells Coates, Alberto Meda, Masanori Umeda, and Mathias Bengtsson.

Mathias Bengtsson

Mathias Bengstsson Slice Armchair, George Kravis Collection
Mathias Bengtsson (born 1971)
Slice armchair
Designed 1999
Laminated plywood
31 x 34½ x 32 inches
(78.7 x 87.6 x 81.3 cm)
Produced by Mathias Bengtsson Studio, Stockholm, Sweden
Photo courtesy of Wright

The Royal College of Art in London has produced some of the most creative international designers of our time, including Mathias Bengtsson of Denmark. Slice, so named for its production technique, was a design developed the year of his graduation in 1999. Bengtsson took advantage of the latest technology to produce an organic form that is more sculpture than furniture. After creating a wax model of the form, he used a computer to scan and digitally slice the design into thin layers, either vertically or horizontally. The data was then used to create three-millimeter-thick slices of plywood (and later in aluminum as well). The slices were then assembled and glued together by hand.  More limited-edition object than a mass-produced industrial design, Slice combined handcraft and computer technology to create unique pieces—an ideal sought by some contemporary designers.  

by Kravis Design